Monday, August 25, 2008

Jason and Lenay

Just so people out there don't wonder, this is not an engagement shoot. My good friends Jason and Lenay (which you may recognize from Hawk Nelson and Redbull first hand) wanted to get some pix together and asked me if I would, and of course I think the world of them and was definitely in! I had such a great time, I couldn't quit laughing the whole time...which I guess kind of happens all the time, but none the less I had so much fun! Nothing better than Pictures, Wii, Mugshot, and Good Friends! Thanks for an awesome night guys, you ROCK, and Jason I will get my money back next time in Mugshot, im not scared!!

Here is how I saw their love...Enjoy the pictures!

3 comments: said...

These shots are incredible. I am learning from you how to look for more creative opportunities when shooting. Love your work.

brianna gray said...

These shots are amazing. I love the artistic feeling and composition behind all of them.

I know Angela (from your Angela and Landon post) and found your blog when viewing their wedding pics. I really enjoy your work!

I'm just a beginner right now... so keep posting so I can learn more!

Travis Johansen said...

Cool Cool as always! Keep up the great shooting.