Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dan and Alysa

I dont think it is possible to go even a few minutes without laughing when i'm around these two! I have known Dan and Alysa for quite awhile and it seems that ever time I get the chance to hang out with them, my face starts to hurt from laughing so much! Thank you two so much for letting me be apart of your lives! Even though the wedding is a little over a year away, it is sure to be so much fun!!! I will be praying for you Dan while you are away overseas! Love you guys!!

Hope you enjoy!

These chair were awesome! Three different sizes


Anonymous said...

I think these are the best pictures i have ever seen!!!!

Jim said...

you seriously know how to capture people. You make the beauty of every moment stand out!!!

Alysa said...

Wow Spencer! What great photos. Thank you for doing such an amazing job...I can't wait to see the rest!