Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Angela and Ben Engaged!!

The one thing we forgot about was it was a prom night, and i'm pretty sure half the city was there! : ) Who would have thought the last weekend in May would have so many proms and all of them would go to a park. ha ha Although we managed not to get any prom groups in the pictures it was a task in itself. Thank you so much Angela and Ben for allowing me to be apart of your lives, I had such a great time hanging out with you guys friday evening!! I cant wait for the wedding! I smile everytime I go through these pictures!

Hope you enjoy!!


Anonymous said...

ANGIE!!! I love your pictures!!!!! You look soooo beautiful!!! What a cool photographer...I love how he alters the pictures. Love, Ems

Angela said...

The pictures look amazing! Thanks so much. You made the time so much fun and relaxing. Can't wait to see the rest. Thanks again!