Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kate and Tyge! WEDDING

You can never be to sure if you are going to get a nice day in March, it is either snowy or sunny, cold or hot, it just so happened that it was GORGEOUS that day! There are just those people in the world that you have an instant connection with and I felt it with Kate and Tyge right of the bat, from the engagement shot to the wedding. They remind me of peanut butter and jelly... SO GOOD TOGETHER! The way they love each other was a testament to everyone who attended their wedding! Thank you so much Kate and Tyge for allowing us to be a part of your day! I hope your honeymoon was amazing and that your love will continue to change everyones life you come in contact with!! Here is a sample of how my eye saw the day. ENJOY!!

Happy Wednesday!!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful. Every detail, the love, the day, the whole thing. Just amazing!!

Traycina said...

LOOOOVE THEM!!!!! What a gorgeous and FUN couple they are. The last pic is my fave! It's the epitome of Mr. & Mrs. Blomberg.

And thanks for the super flattering dancing pics of me ;-)

- Katrina

Anonymous said...

You did a great job of capturing a splendiforous day!
Linda E.

Anonymous said...

Spencer - I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! THANK YOU for capturing our day in such amazing detail! It's been so fun looking and re-living the day...wow, I can't wait to see the rest! You are so talented and I will reccomend you to anyone looking for an awesome photographer! Thanks again!
Kate the bride (& Tyge the groom!)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures!! Spencer you did a fantastic job of capturing such a wonderful day! Congrats Kate & Tyge!

Anonymous said...

INCREDIBLE!!!!! These photos captured the beauty of true love and sheer happiness. Fabulous!!! Thanks for sharing these keepsake memories with us ... in person and in photos! Last photo is my fav too .... crazy in love .... CUTE!!
Love you two lil' newlyweds!!!!
~Aunt Connie Sue

brian.b said...

Spencer you are rediculous...in the best sense! These photos are awesome and you were by far the best all around photographer I have encountered. Your energy and obvious passion helped engrave that amazing day in our minds far beyond the pictures!

Brian Best-Man Blomberg

Blessings, Casey said...

Your work is AMAZING! I love looking at your pictures. I love how you capture the day!

Bond_Slave said...


- Charlie "The Tall One" Mosman