Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lindsey and Adam!

It's funny how when it is supposed to rain all evening, it turns out gorgeous and sunny! Even though there were some nerves about the weather, it sure wasn't going to stop Lindsey and Adam from having the best day of their lives! Every little thing about the wedding was perfect: beautiful sky, amazing venue, great food, wonderful people, and not to mention, two people who are so beautifully in love! I don't think I could have asked for anything better! Lindsey and Adam, thank you so much for embracing me as a part of your day and making me feel like a long time friend. I absolutely loved capturing your day! I hope you two are loving that gorgeous California sun, while we all freeze over here for the winter!

If you want to see/order the rest of the pictures go to and just so you know these prints are about 50 times nicer and last generations longer than your normal print shop!!

Here is a glimpse at how my eye saw the day! I hope you enjoy and don't forget to leave a comment!


Maggie said...

The picture of just her dress hanging is by far the coolest one I have ever seen you do. Amazing! Also, the picture of the bride leaning against the brick wall looks like it could be in a fashion magazine. Well done.

Sarah said...

What a rockin venue!

Marti said...

Wow! These are breathtaking photos! Such creative angles and views. I would struggle to choose a favorite. They are all very beautiful!