Thursday, June 12, 2008

Amanda and Brady: Wedding

Amanda and Brady…I am so incredibly thankful and honored. Thankful to call you friends, thankful to be a part of your lives, and thankful to have documented your gorgeous wedding. Your friends and family are nothing short of amazing and spending the day with everyone was more delightful than I could have ever imagined. I wish you joy, happiness, and fragrant love as you navigate life together! Much Love and Appreciation I love you guys... Spencer

This wedding truly amazing! The strength and courage and beauty and love that was portrayed to me will forever change me. It was a day of laughing and crying and knowing God has his hands on every situation. My prayers and Love go out to your whole family in very difficult time! May your mom rest in Gods loving arms!

P.S. If it takes a little while for the pictures to load Click on "Amanda and Brady: Wedding" and it will load faster, and dont forget to leave a comment!!! Also if you would like to see the rest of the photographs and order some for yourself go to

Here is a look at how my eye saw the day, ENJOY!!


Anonymous said...

These pictures are so amazing!! God has blessed you so much! I just can't get enough of your pics. They are breathtaking, just like you! ; )

Travis said...

Your images are always a joy to look at. Every shot is great. Great job!

Peace Out,
Travis Johansen

Brandon said...

Spencer great to meet you at my brother's wedding! Not only are you an amazing photographer, but everyone enjoyed having you around. You are extremely gifted by God. Thanks for help making Brady and Amanda's day one to remember through frozen moments. You can be photographer in a few years at my wedding!

Hockeyguy said...

Spencer you are truly amazing! These pictures are incredible. I have a feeling as word spreads of your talent you are going to become a very busy (and wealthy guy). Your attention to detail is like nothing I have ever seen. The waterskiing photos were awesome as well. I can tell from the pictures that those guys would be the best skiers I have ever seen as well.

Staja Studios said...

Sweet shots Spencer, they look awesome. I love the sun peeking through the woods. Great work and a moving tribute to the couple.

Take Care - Jason & Stacey Thon

spencer combs said...

Thanks so much everybody! It made the pictures to have a fun and beautiful couple!